Should You Invest Into Socifi?

Want to get rich fast? Well you will need to invest into Socifi. Socifi is a new ICO project that is combining reward and lending programmes to make one of the most lucrative crypto coins available on the market today.

socifi newsIf you browse through reddit or any other popular forum you’ll see them all talking about Socifi, or the slang term for the coin GIF. This coin is looking to break the market, you won’t see it on Bittrex, Poloniex or any other exchange, instead it will be listed on its own exchange and allow you to buy and invest into the coin easily from their website.

Struggling to generate funds to invest? Well simply add some friends on Facebook, share you referral link with them and gain 6% of whatever they invest into the project. If they invest enough, then you should be able to generate enough capital to invest yourself.

Socifi is looking to grow into the crpyto currency market to become one of the largest cryptos available to date. If you can’t afford to pickup some big names such as Basic Attention Token or NEO then you’re going to want to get into GIF.

NEO may have some benefits as being coined the Chinese ethereum but in the long run we think GIF will outpace it. The price of GIF can only rise, the token supply is very limited and compared to other projects such as RedPulse which recently hosted their ICO it will grow at double the rate.

GIF is looking to become a market leader in the lending space, currently Bitconnect holds that title but we think one of the competitors coming up will dethrone it.

When interviewing Blockchain and Crypto specialist Tikka Tinawri he stated that he thinks Socifi will overcome all the challenges to become the biggest market capitalisation and take complete control of the market.


If i owe a financial aid for one community college. Can i still get financial aid for another community colle?

Question by nunya: I f i owe a financial aid for one community college. Can i still get financial aid for another community colle?
I attended one community college and didnt complete the courses. I had financial aid and since i didnt finish they are making me pay a percent of it back. I was wondering if i can go to another community college/college and apply for financial aid there. Will i be penalized and not be able to receive aid because i owe financial aid for another school?

Best answer:

Answer by spalmer
If you owe financial aid back, then you will not be eligible for financial aid again until it is repaid — it’s a federal program. You could attend another community college and apply as a freshman, but you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket.